This is the commonly known historical record of Prisma.  Most if not all peoples of this world through either aural or written tradition have passed on similar accounts as to what has happened in their world.

Common Knowledge:

Prisma used to be much different.  There are signs of a dramatic shift in the landscape, with stark contrasts of forest, beach, and jutting mountain thrown astrew throughout the lands.  There are villages and provinces with small kingdoms of rule here and there, but no strong political powers dominate the land.

Most large towns are city states that have agreements and trade with nearby villages and settlements.  There are also pocket villages and isolated colonies of people throughout the lands that are self sufficient and prefer to keep it that way.

One of the most interesting things that is a tell tale sign of a different past is that for the majority of settlements the species are varied and mixed heavily.  It is not uncommon to see even the more uncivilized races such as goblins, half-orcs, and occasionally giants as residents of communities.  Astute historians believe that this has come about from an ancient empire that once ruled the land.


Time measured in Prisma is very close to standard earth time, hours and seconds are difficult to discern, so instead, the time is largely based on the quadrant of time during a day that is associated with a watchmen's post.

The Day is four (4) six hour segments known as watches.

First Watch: Begins at Dawn, and ends at Noon.

High Watch: Begins at Noon and Ends at Dusk.

Low Watch:  Begins at Dusk and Ends at Midnight.

Dark Watch:  Begins at Midnight, and ends at Dawn.

These timeframes are loosely balanced as the seasons can affect when sunrise and sunset occur, but each season has it's counter balance.

The Month is a forty five (45) day cycle.  There are eight months in the year, each with a corresponding elemental influence  and season.  Each month the moon Lunarsa changes color to reflect the elemental influence of that month.

Spring Months:

Moon of Earth (Leaf Green)

Moon of Anima (Silver)

Summer Months:

Moon of Flame (Crimson)

Moon of the Body (Gold)

Autumn Months:

Moon of Storms (Orange)

Moon of Entropy (Black)

Winter Months:

Moon of Ice (Blue)

Moon of the Mind (Violet)

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