Blackfern is a small outpost town that protects the wild roads in the forested region of Glenhaven.  It allows trade between the three near by kingdoms that create the Trium.  Rangers, warriors, druids, and all manner of folk that originally traveled these roads eventually found solace in settling here. 

Of the nearly one thousand people that live in relative harmony with one and another, most find life fairly straight forward.  It is a society that walks the line between society and nature.  A living contradiction that well describes the world outside as a whole.  A canvas of wild beauty with strokes of agrarian and livestock stewardship mixed in.  At its center, a great elderwood tree stands tall above the forest.  Many hundreds of feet high, the eternal guardian that Blackfern was built around.  It houses many residents in its boughs, and the trunk is home to the council that arbitrates and grievences that come about.

There are many old and familiar sites that you have grown up with.  Just like the people here, they are stoic reminders of the frontier that this town is nestled in.  

Points of Interest:


The Grey Mug Inn  - The Inn that caters to regular homesteaders and weary travelers.  Owned and managed by Sara Brookmeadow.  A practical and good natured halfling.

Trappers Fare – A trading post and Inn where the watchmen of the road frequent.  Old man Bennigan usually has news or rumors about the happenings in the area.

The Cracked Blade – A smithy run by Kargun Battlescorn who happens to be a one armed half-orc mercenary veteran.

Firescale Forge – A smithy that is run by Vargas Coalsinger a dwarven blacksmith.

Kettle and Pot – The local apothecary Tiris Morrow knows many remedies and maledictions.  …And sometimes arcane lore.

Glimmerston – The resident money changer and jeweler, the gnome Gael Glimmerston is a shrewd appraiser of all things of value.  Usually with a disposition to be fair, so long as he isn't dealing with fools.


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