Prisma the genesis world, is a jewel in the cosmos.  It holds many secrets lost to time, and valuable enough for the pantheons of the multiverse to scheme and vie for control over the power that the world contains.  There are also ones deep in the space between the stars, they look hungrily at this world, salivating over the destruction of such a bastion of creation.  

From the eyes of mortals it is far, far simpler.  It is a hard and unforgiving sort of land, inherited from a ruinous event some millennia ago.  The realms have grown wild and savage in the atrophy of ruin.  The world is extremely ancient, and has seen the rise and fall of many empires.  Now only the derelict edifices lay decaying, small regional kingdoms and city states smatter the landscape each trying to seize power over each other; all the while free settlement outposts hold the tide against raids from bandits and monsters.

At the center of the forest region of Glenhaven, the free settlement of Blackfern watches quietly.  It is an outpost that is self ruled, and heavily integrated by necessity of survival.  This small outpost town of nearly a thousand people, have toiled a self sufficient and fair existence.  It is here that an unlikely group of people have the potential to steer fate, and perhaps even save reality in the process.

Chronicles of Prisma

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