The Trium is the name to the three bordering kingdoms that share trade with eachother through the Glenhaven forested region.  All three of these small provincial kingdoms meet at the great river delta at the City of Trium.

The Three Kingdoms:

Iridryss - Kingdom of the sun.  Iridryss is a nation that was primarily founded by humans, though many races prosper under it's gold and silver banner.  It is republic elect monarchal system that elects a lifetime monarch.  However, should this king or queen be found wanting, the monarch can be deposed by electorate.  Which is a death sentence.  Iridryss exports largely vessels and mounts, as well as finished armor and weapons.  It also has been know to sell soldiers when the need arises.  As of late the current King-elect, Norris the Sunrider, is a pragmatic and even handed ruler, in good favor with his statesmen as well as the other nations of the Trium.

The Mithlarian - The Silver Cities.  The city-states of the elves, each a splendorous meld of architecture and nature.  The elven cities are home to the 'civilized' races, and view many of the barbaric or outlandish peoples as second class citizens.  This can make life very hard on those who have the misfortune of not being born an elf, human, or dwarf.  The leadership is a council of mages and sorcerers who spend the majority of their time ascertaining hidden lore and trying to understand their world.   While The Mithlarian is varied in it's exports, magical herbs and components of the highest grade are cultivated from their floating gardens.  Potions and scrolls of theirs can be found in all of the Trium's great libraries.

Stentragard – The Garden of Stone.  Of the kingdoms of the Trium, Stentragard is the most complex in it's ruling system.  Originally the name of a great dwarven under city,  the clan based hierarchy began to fail as kin wars broke out between the nobles.  The masters of bureaucratic tinkerers stepped up and began to run things at this point.  Now largely and gnomish capitalistic structure, Stentragard has dwarven craftsmen clans much alike corporate shareholders, and the focus of the country is commerce.  Stentragard's primary exports are arms, armor, siege weapons, and for lack of a better term, logistics.  The ruling body of every day management goes to a council of gnomish bureaucrats, while the large market changing decisions are consulted with the clan leaders.



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