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    [[Prisma]] - Overview of the world.  Calendar, and common historical knowledge.


    [[Glenhaven]] - Wild forested region between the three co-kingdoms of the [[Trium]].

    [[Trium]] - Three kingdoms that are more or …

  • Prisma

    This is the commonly known historical record of Prisma.  Most if not all peoples of this world through either aural or written tradition have passed on similar accounts as to what has happened in their world.

    Common Knowledge:

    < …

  • Glenhaven

    The forested region of Glenhaven is considered neutral territory.  It is a land of wilderness and roads that are protected by free outposts and settlements.  [[Blackfern]] is one of these settlements that is considered one of the largest and …

  • Trium

    The Trium is the name to the three bordering kingdoms that share trade with eachother through the [[Glenhaven]] forested region.  All three of these small provincial kingdoms meet at the great river delta at the City of Trium.

    The Three …

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